This Fantastic Brunch Spot Serves Amazing Freakshakes • STHLM Brunch Club

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This Fantastic Brunch Spot Serves Amazing Freakshakes • STHLM Brunch Club

It’s basically brunch heaven.

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Stockholm has to be one of the best cities in the world for lunch, which isn’t surprising, given that Swedes have always been known to graze during the day at delicious fika spots. However, brunch is generally a bigger, boozier event, involving super-sized breakfast foods and indulgent, sweet treats. If it’s indulgence that you’re looking for, look no further than STHLM Brunch Club because they have it all. [Photos: @STHLMBrunchClub]

STHLM Brunch Club is a beautiful cafe, operating from inside a gorgeous stone building close to Vasaparken and honestly, you will be lucky if you can find a seat here. It’s so popular and so busy that you are likely to have to wait, but it’s worth it. Just bring a good book with you and lose yourself in it until a table becomes free and they’ll give you a delicious free coffee for your trouble.

Breakfast is served all day, so if it’s a bowl of porridge that you fancy at 2 pm, they will happily serve it to you. However, what you really want when you’re at brunch is something rich and substantial like the eggs florentine of eggs benedict. Or, if you really want to stuff your tummy with something tasty, you could order their delicious shakshouka – a spicy tomato and egg dish from the Middle East that’s perfect with a few slices of soft bread.


Alternatively, you could check out the sweeter dishes like fluffy, carrot cake pancakes, crispy, chocolatey waffles, or even one of their phenomenal freakshakes. They come in four flavours: donutella, cookie monster, blueberry pie and strawberry passion. Plus, there’s always a ‘freakshake of the month’ to try.

The most majestic of all their freakshakes is definitely the donutella, which consists of a vanilla and Nutella milkshake, topped with cream, vanilla and a delicious donut. A dessert and milkshake all in one? Yes, please! Check out the website for more information, but bear in mind if you do visit that they only accept card, not cash.

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