6 Authentic And Delicious Italian Restaurants In Stockholm

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6 Authentic And Delicious Italian Restaurants In Stockholm

Where to get your slice of Heaven.

It’s no secret that Swedes love Italian food, and who doesn’t, anyway? Italian food is so diverse – pizza, pasta, risotto… we’d devour it all in a minute and feel nothing but contentment. Swedish-Italian food is pretty different though. I mean, where else in the world can you find pizzasallad served alongside every creatively-topped pizza? However, we’re certainly not complaining, and Swedish-Italian food is one of those things that can put a smile on your face no matter what. So, this list includes authentic Italian restaurants at which you can taste the flavours of Rome, Naples, Milan and the Amalfi Coast, but we’re pretty sure they’ll happily serve you a pizzasallad too. [Photo: @paganini.stockholm/ @restaurangdodenigrytan]

1. Paganini

📍Gamla Stan, Västerlånggatan 75, 111 29

Nestled in one of Gamla Stan’s lovely alleyways is this amazing Italian restaurant It’s been serving the people of Stockholm since 1995 Beautiful, big windows provide a view of the street outside, so you can people-watch whilst you eat some tasty Italian fare. Check out the website to read more.

2. Döden i Grytan

đź“ŤNorrtullsgatan 61, 113 45

Döden i Grytan is the real deal. Here you will find delicious dishes from Italy as a whole but the main focus is on Roman food, in lovely, welc0ming surroundings. You can see the menu on the website.

3. Adria

đź“ŤTulegatan 10, 113 53


Adria is owned by the Montanari family, and it really feels like a family-owned business. Everybody is so friendly and the food is excellent. If you’d like to visit, you can view the menu on the website.

4. La Vecchia Signora

In the lovely neighborhood of Åsögatan (Södermalm), you can find this lovely Italian restaurant with super-friendly servers and big portions of delicious food. If you live in Åsögatan, you need to give this place a try. Check out their website for more information on the restaurant.

5. Meno Male

Meno Male is big in Stockholm, with 3 locations to visit. It’s more expensive than the others on this list but definitely worth visiting for a special occasion, and for when you’re feeling fancy. They serve delicious Neapolitan pizzas that are baked in a wood oven, and you can 100% taste the difference. You can see the menu on the website.

6. Pane Vino

Pane Vino has to be one of the fancier Italian restaurants in Stockholm. High-end ingredients make for high-end dishes and here you can enjoy delicious upmarket dishes like veal fillet and truffle, but also veggie dishes (so don’t worry if veal isn’t your thing).You can browse the menu online.

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