5 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants Serving Delicious Food In Stockholm

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5 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants Serving Delicious Food In Stockholm

Warning: this is going to make you hungry!

Today marks the final day of celebrations for Chinese New Year, and the tastiest way to celebrate the arrival of the year of the ox is clearly eating some delicious food at one of Stockholm’s many Chinese restaurants. Stockholm really has a taste for Chinese food and in most neighbourhoods you can find quality Chinese cuisine. However, the restaurants on this list really are something special, offering a wide range of Chinese foods from salt and pepper tofu to Szechuan beef, and just about everything in between. [Photos: Waipo/Surfers]

1. Waipo

📍Jakobsbergsgatan 15, 111 44

Not only is the food at Waipo amazing, but the restaurant is also incredible. it isn’t possible to visit and not spend the whole meal staring at the decoration. Stunning lighting and styling makes you want to stay there forever, especially once the food arrives. Whether it’s dim sum you want or duck liver terrine, it is all of a very high quality. Plus, there are loads of vegan options and they’re so good that even the meat-eaters will want to order them. Check out the website for more details and to view the menu.

2. Formosa

📍Kornhamnstorg 2, 111 27

Formosa is another beautiful restaurant, and it serves some delicious dishes. There are tons of options on the menu and they even offer amazing desserts to finish off a lovely meal. Plus, if you don’t want to spend tons of money then this place is a great option because the prices are pretty affordable. To read more and to see the menu check out the website.

3. Surfers

📍Norrlandsgatan 24, 111 43


Surfers is one of the coolest spots in Stockholm, period. They have created an amazing canopy from decorative umbrellas and it doesn’t end there – everything about this restaurant is just stunning. The menu includes a wealth of tasty options, including dessert and some fantastic cocktails like the ‘juicy Shanghai’, which consists of absolute vodka, watermelon and lemon. Check out their menu on the website.

4. Tang

📍Klarabergsgatan 25, 111 21

Tang is different from the other restaurants on the list because it serves Chinese fusion food. You can order traditional food like Chinese pancakes but also available are lamb skewers and tofu salads. They also do weekend, evening and lunchtime buffets so you can stuff your face with as much food as you like for a set price. Check out their website to see the menu.

5. Hongkist

📍Linnégatan 13, 114 47

Hongkist serves really tasty Cantonese food at reasonable prices, with a few dishes from other Asian countries thrown in there such as nasi goreng. You can order some dishes, like steak and prawns, served on a hot iron plate, which looks pretty impressive and smells delicious, sizzling away on the table. To see the menu visit the website.

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