From Tomorrow You Can Use Your Bank Card Instead Of An SL Ticket

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

From Tomorrow You Can Use Your Bank Card Instead Of An SL Ticket

That’s one step you can skip in the daily commute.

From tomorrow, you will be able to forgo the usual SL ticket to board Stockholm’s public transport and use your bank card or digital bank card instead. This will enable many commuters to get where they want to be without the fuss of purchasing an SL ticket. Plus, it means that people won’t have to touch screens or keypads when purchasing tickets, which is great news for stopping Covid-19 transmission.

No other Nordic country currently offers this service, so Stockholm will be the first city in the Nordic region to offer such a service. Other metropolitan cities in the world do offer it, such as London and New York. As Scandinavia’s most populous city, it’s brilliant news that Stockholm has adopted this forward-thinking method of purchasing travel tickets. Stockholm is full of enterprising minds and surely other cities across Scandinavia will soon follow suit.


Before the pandemic, more than 3 million trips were made using SL tickets every day – a figure which is pretty awe-inspiring. Hopefully streamlining the service in allowing people to use bank cards as tickets will help everybody who needs to get from A to B more efficiently.

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