Buses Used For Covid-19 Tests Will Become Vaccination Buses

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Buses Used For Covid-19 Tests Will Become Vaccination Buses

Vaccination buses are on the way!

You might have seen them already – the Covid-19 testing buses have only been around a short time but they have been doing good work. Driving to the more rural areas around Stockholm in the cold winter weather, these buses have helped to get tests to those who need them. This has proven very important because those who live in these areas are more likely to be affected by Covid-19 but less likely to be tested for it.

Now, these buses will play a further role in Stockholm’s fight against this deadly virus by becoming vaccination buses. In the same way as they delivered tests to areas outside of the city centre, they will now deliver vaccines to those who need them in different areas. More covid-19 testing buses are also on the way in March, in the areas of Bredäng, Rinkeby, Skärholmen, Fittja, Hjulsta and Hallunda. These buses will be either be used for testing or vaccination, depending on what those areas need most at any given time.


The hope is that these buses will bring equality to testing and vaccinations. Nobody’s vaccine or test should be delayed just because they live outside of the city centre. There will also be a huge drive to inform and educate the public on the benefits of having the vaccine. Social media is due to play a part in this information drive and information will be given in 35 different languages. Currently, only those living in and working in care homes are receiving the vaccine but we can expect others to start receiving the vaccine at some point in the spring of 2021.

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