You Can Stay In A Hobbit Hole By The Sea In Nacka And It’s So Cute!

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You Can Stay In A Hobbit Hole By The Sea In Nacka And It’s So Cute!

‘No admission, except on party business’

Okay, so you’re not actually allowed to party Bilbo-style in this little Nacka hobbit hole, but it’s the perfect place to get away from it all and find some peace amidst beautiful surroundings. A few minutes from the gorgeous shore at Nacka, it feels so far away from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm city, but it’s actually a fairly short drive away. [Photos: Booking.com]

Photo: Booking.com

Incredible effort has been put into creating a realistic and detailed hobbit hole, here. It has all of the modern amenities you’d need in day-to-day life, but these modern amenities are woven so seamlessly into the aged wood and gorgeous leather upholstery that you can genuinely lose yourself in the Lord Of The Rings theme and imagine you’re in Hobbiton.

Photo: Marinas.com

Plus, the outdoor area is fantastic. There’s a lovely terrace on which to enjoy a delicious breakfast and you can easily walk to the shorefront at Nacka, with its iconic water fountain, beautiful bay, and amazing greenery. When you return to the hobbit hole, there’s an amazing fireplace that will keep you warm on chilly evenings, and if you get bored of pretending to be a hobbit, you can always switch the TV on for some human relaxation.


You can book via the booking.com website, but please make sure to check the government website for advice on travel beforehand.

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