Beautiful Spots In Stockholm To See The Cherry Blossom

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Beautiful Spots In Stockholm To See The Cherry Blossom

Stockholm is in bloom!

In the past couple of days the cherry blossom flowers have started to emerge from their buds, and we couldn’t be more excited to see those gorgeous pink and white blossoms around the city! The next few days will see more open up, and they will be in their prime mid-April, so if you want to experience these amazing little flowers, you can always visit the following places and be sure to see them in all their glory.

1. Kungsträdgården

When it comes to blossom, Kungsträdgården is king. Ordinarily, there is a Japanese Festival held here every year by members of the Japanese community living in Stockholm, so it is well worth going next year too to visit the lovely stalls and meet some friendly faces. In a couple of days there will be a beautiful canopy of blossom in Kungsträdgården for us all to admire and it really is gorgeous.

2. Bysistorget

Nowhere quite matches up to the splendour of Kungsträdgården during cherry blossom season, but Bysistorget also has some gorgeous sakura trees in bloom, and it’s a lovely neighborhood for a stroll. If you wander around Mariatorget park you will see plenty of lovely blossom.


3. Lumaparken

Lumparken’s cherry blossom is a stunning thing to behold. It’s in a lovely, quiet area and there are so many amaing places to eat around there that if you haven’t visited already, you should defnitely give it a go. Not least for the cherry blossom.

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