6 Perfect Picnic Spots In Stockholm

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6 Perfect Picnic Spots In Stockholm

Where to soak up the sun with friends.

It’s not always sunny up here in the North of Europe, but when it is we like to make the most of it. We’re more than halfway through Summer, and it’s not like Autumn is going to bring us any proper picnic weather. So, we’re ready to dig out our picnic baskets now and enjoy the remainder of the Summer sun. The perfect picnic spot should have either soft grass or picnic tables and some lovely scenery to look at whilst you munch on tasty sandwiches and chat with friends. Here’s where we like to enjoy a picnic in Stockholm:

1. Tantolunden

📍Zinkens Väg 20, 118 42

This sprawling park is the perfect place for some you-time, and although it’s a popular spot for runners and dog walkers, there’s enough room for everyone to find some peace annd quiet here. If minigolf is your thing, there’s a fantastic course here, and if you want to see some of Stockholm’s history you can find an old defensive post from World War II by the park.

2.  Nobelparken

đź“ŤNobelgatan, 115 27

A walk along the strand at Nobelparken is basically heaven. It’s such a gorgeous, green park, filled with lush foliage and manicured lawns but the best part of visiting is being able to sit and look out over the water. You can read more about the park on the website.

3. Rosendals Trädgård

📍Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21

This beautiful garden on Djurgården is such a relaxing spot to visit for a picnic. Here they grow lots of lovely produce and plants, and they use some of it to bake the delicious food, available to buy at Rosendals Trädgårds Bakery. You could spend all day exploring and relaxing in these lovely gardens.


4. Ivar Los Park

đź“ŤBastugatan 26, 118 25

The views from Ivar Los Park are unbeatable. From here you can see out across the water towards Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen. The soft breeze that blows from the bay is perfect for keeping cool in the Summer (especially this summer), and there’s plenty of space for you to sit and enjoy a picnic.

5. HumlegĂĄrden

📍Karlavägen 32, 114 31

HumlegĂĄrden is one of the most beautiful parks in Stockholm, with lush green grass and plenty of places to sit and relax. You can part your backside anyway and have a fantastic view of this lovely green park.

6. Vitabergsparken

📍Skånegatan/Malmgårdsvägen, 116 38

This lovely, hilly park is full of beautiful flowers in bloom right now, and perfect for a picnic. There’s a big, LGBT friendly cafe in the centre of the park if you forget your picnic basket, and there’s a huge terrace in which to soak up those precious rays of sun.

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