8 Unique Spots In Stockholm That Everyone Should Visit

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8 Unique Spots In Stockholm That Everyone Should Visit

These places show the true character of Stockholm

Stockholm is a friendly city with a vibrant art scene, a fantastic history full of scientific and social advances, and a place that celebrates its multiculturalism. When people visit, they go to Gamla Stan and walk its cobbled streets as so many have before, but if you dig a little deeper there’s so much to see that even some locals won’t have seen. If you want to really experience Stockholm, we recommend making a few little detours and taking the time to visit these 8 fascinating spots in this beautiful city.

1. Tensta Metro Station

Tensta is a largely residential area, with a large immigrant population and these people were the inspiration behind the artwork. There are words in different languages painted with artwork inspired by styles from across the world and designed to make everybody feel welcome.

2. Stadion Metro Station

Stadion Station is literally built into a cave and a vivid rainbow welcomes visitors. The station is close to Östermalms, where Stockholm’s Pride festival takes place and it’s a lovely nod to the pursuit for equality in Sweden.

3. Victoriahuset

📍 Veit Wittrocks väg 11, 114 18

Victoriahuset is pretty far from the centre, but it’s a place that everybody should visit at least once because it’s so unique and beautiful. This Victorian greenhouse was built specifically to house water lilies, and there are so many of them, from different parts of the world. You can read more about this stunning greenhouse on the website.

4. LGBT Traffic Lights

In 2007, 47 sets of traffic lights were modified to celebrate the LGBTQ community and they’ve been that way ever since. Instead of showing a single person walking or standing still, they show couples of the same gender. You can see them on Mäster Samuelsgatan, Hornsgaten, Telefonvägen, Ringvägen, Karlavägen and Norr Mälarstrand.

5. The Colour By Numbers Tower

This art installation is part of the Telefonplan tower and you can change the colour of the lights using the app or your mobile phone. There are instructions on how to do this on the website.


6. Järnpojke

📍Trädgårdsgatan 2, 111 31

In English, Järnpojke is referred to as ‘Iron Boy’ or ‘Boy Watching The Moon’, which really hits the nail on the head. This tiny sculpture is only 15 centimetres tall and it only arrived in Stockholm in 1967 and was created by Liss Eriksson, inspired by nights spent as a child looking at the moon when he couldn’t sleep. People leave coins and sweets near this little guy and patting him on the head is said to be lucky.

7. The World’s Only Viking Restaurant

📍Västerlånggatan 68, 111 29

Aifur is the only Viking Tavern in the world, and it really is like time travel when you walk through those doors. The staff dress as Vikings, there are scaled-down long-boats hanging from the ceiling, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the employees play instruments typical to Viking life. They serve the kind of food you could imagine the Vikings tucking into and you can book a table on the website.

8. Alfred Nobel’s Nitroglycerine Factor

📍126 51 Stockholm, Sweden

In Vinterviken you can see the bunkers in which Alfred Nobel once produces Nitroglycerine, a highly volatile compound, the commercial production of which would bring him great success. This is the place where the man after whom the Nobel Prizes created something groundbreaking, and you can still see it today.

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