Enjoy Smoothie Sours And Soft Serve At This Floral Beer Garden • Omnipollos Flora

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Enjoy Smoothie Sours And Soft Serve At This Floral Beer Garden • Omnipollos Flora

There’s nowhere better for smoothie sours.

As we say goodbye to Summer in Sweden, there are still plenty of dry days ahead of us. So, why not make the most of it in a beautiful beer garden, surrounded by gorgeous flowers with a full tummy? At Omnipollos Flora you’ll be served the most colourful food in the sunniest of atmospheres, and as long as the weather is good the beer garden is open!

There are several things about Omnipollos Flora that make it pretty special. The first is that this beautiful beer garden is surrounded by flowers and greenery is the lovely Humlegarden. Secondly, they serve smoothie sours, which is incredibly unusual, but also a massive plus point. These IPA beers include lactose, fruit and other ingredients to create an incredible, creamy ale drink. Omnipollo Brewing, which originated in Sweden, really spearheaded this evolution of ale.

So, there’s no better place to try a smoothie sours, and everyone should try one at least once. The third reason why this place is so incredible is that they put real effort into creating tasty food, and in particular tasty vegan food. It’s not too difficult in Stockholm to find amazing grub, but looking for something tasty that doesn’t contain animal products can be difficult.


However, at Omnipollos Flora you can order a huge selection of vegan main courses, and they’re delicious. Whether you fancy a vegan bratwurst, or perhaps some faux fish, they have 5 vegan options, which is roughly equal to the number of non-vegan options on the menu.

Sweet tooth? Well, you can definitely satisfy it here with some delicious soft-serve ice cream. If you’re not a big fan of ice cream then you could always try the lovely Swedish strawberries in cream for a real summer treat. Head to Humlegarden to check out this fantastic beer garden and check out the website to read the menu.

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