A Restaurant Just Outside Stockholm Is Filling A Forest With Tables To Encourage Social Distancing

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The aptly-named Nowhere has absolutely nailed this whole social distancing thing.

The desire to dine in nature is a strong one. However, no-one has taken it quiet to heart like Nowhere, a new restaurant opening on August 20 in the Häringe nature reserve, just south of Stockholm. And when I say in the nature reserve, I mean it quite literally, for every table at Nowhere will be lost in the wilderness: just two diners, delectable dishes, and the quiet enormity of nature all around you.

It’s a dining concept that I could see working beautifully in pre-pandemic times, but with social distancing being the order of the day, Nowhere has just become even more enticing. Whilst one Amsterdam restaurant has used cute greenhouses, Nowhere is taking distancing to the extreme. Six tables will be scattered throughout the nature reserve, each offering a unique view of the natural world whilst ensuring you dine in near-total isolation. Since Häringe is home to forests, meadows, and coastal areas, you could probably go six times and never sit in the same spot – or even close to it!

Nowhere is the brainchild of Oddbird, who make alcohol-free natural wines, and promises “a place without prestige […] It has no arrogance, no vanity and no bravado”. The food will be run by Stockholm pop-up Garba, whose founders Marion Ringborg and Linn Söderström have run plenty of unusual dining experiences around the city, and interior design duo The Norrmans are taking care of the furniture. All of which has led to a rather unsurprising conclusion: Nowhere is now sold out for the foreseeable future (a sentence I really didn’t expect to write today), with tables gone in a Glastonbury-esque sixty seconds. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on the website for any new bookings – because this is one dinner experience that really should be on your bucket list!


Find out more from the restaurant’s website.

Words by Alex Landon, originally posted on Secret London.

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