The City Wants To Introduce Food Boats To Stockholm And It Sounds Fantastic

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

The City Wants To Introduce Food Boats To Stockholm And It Sounds Fantastic

The idea comes from Southern Europe.

In some parts of the world, you can find food boats – food trucks situated on boats that can sail from dock to dock serving customers delicious food. Sounds good, right? Well, Stockholm’s green-blue majority wants to introduce these kinds of boats to Stockholm, and the idea is currently being investigated to assess its viability.

According to Mitt i, the investigation into how these food trucks will work should be completed by June 30 2022, so we could see food trucks sailing around Stockholm as early as next summer!

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We have already seen the advertising boats that were floating around the city this summer but they weren’t to everybody’s tastes. Some found them irritating and even disruptive, but it’s hoped that the same will not be true for the food boats.


One of the main differences between the advertising boats and food boats is that these food boats will provide a service to people, and with Stockholm aiming to boost tourism over the next few years the food boats could be beneficial in attracting tourists. It’s not possible to apply to run a food boat yet, but we’re sure that once they have been given the go-ahead to operate plenty of businesses will want to apply.

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