Where To Order Delicious Easter Takeaway In Stockholm

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Where To Order Delicious Easter Takeaway In Stockholm

Perfect for the long weekend.

It’s no secret that Stockholmers love Easter (påsk), and with the long weekend comes a delicious feast of traditional Swedish food. However, if you’re not the biggest fan of cooking over a hot stove all day to serve it up, you can buy an  Easter takeaway feast and have it delivered from any one of these 5 fantastic restaurants and caterers. The earlier you order, the better, and it’s a good idea to pick it up in advance, then just store it until you’re ready to devour it all. [Photos: @Stockholmsmatmarknad]

1. Matsällskapet

📍Himlabacken 4b, 170 78 Solna

Matsällskapet offers tons of different options for Easter treats, and they can all be delivered directly to your door. First is the Easter buffet option, which costs 275 SEK per person and includes 11 typical Swedish dishes like krassesås and skagen. Alternatively, you can choose between 2 options for 3-course meals. One option is vegetarian and the other contains meat. It will set you back 345 SEK each and you can order from the website.

2. Lux Dag för Dag

📍Primusgatan 116


Lux Dag för Dag are offering takeaway to be collected on Good Friday (April 2) and they sound delicious. Included are several small portions of Springtime classics like mustard herring, gammelknas cheese, roast lamb shank and rhubarb compote. One of these Easter takeaways can serve two people and it costs 695 SEK. Check out the website to order.

3. Stockholms Matmarknad

📍 Sturegallerian vid Sturehof, Stureplan 2, 114 46

From Stockholms Matmarknad you can either order boxes of fresh ingredients with which to make your own meals, or ready-made meals. Thsecreir Easter menu for two costs 995 SEK and includes loads of lovely dishes. To start there is poached white asparagus with sandefjårdsås, followed by roast lamb and finished with rhubarb clafoutis. You can order via the website.

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