Report Names Sweden The Most Sustainable Country In Europe

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Report Names Sweden The Most Sustainable Country In Europe

Sweden is looking to the future.

As social media influencers promote brands and people are exposed to more online content than ever before there’s a hunger in society for more and more stuff to own. Whether that’s cosmetics, cars, food items, or even clothes, it’s no secret that producing all of this stuff is bad for the environment.

One online retailer has measured the sustainability of countries in Europe and the results are in – Sweden is the most sustainable European country. Several factors were considered when reviewing each country, such as rates of recycling, sustainable development, air pollution, and university sustainability.

Photo: Unsplash/Sundsvall, Sweden

Sweden did not achieve the highest score in any of these categories but topped the ratings overall because of consistently good scores in each area.  For example, the recycling rate in Sweden has been assessed as 47%, compared to 55% in Belgium. However, neither Belgium’s university sustainability rating nor its sustainable development score came close to Sweden’s.


The runner-up was, predictably, Denmark. With a score of 8.88/10 compared to Sweden’s 9.2/10, they gave the country a run for its money, and Finland scored a respectable 85.9 too. You can read the full report on the website.

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