Stockholm’s Ski Trails Are Beginning To Open But Skating Rinks Cannot

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Stockholm’s Ski Trails Are Beginning To Open But Skating Rinks Cannot

Stockholmers will soon be back in their skis.

The government has decided that ski trails can open after all. Since December they have not been opened because the government had demanded the closure of organised leisure activities and this had closed sports facilities. They were considered organised leisure activities but now the government has decided that these ski trails are more spontaneous than they are organised.

Machines had not been brought in to draw the ski trails up until now, and preparation has now started to get them open. So, in the next few days, Stockholmers can expect ski trails to begin opening and it will be perfectly within the rules to visit them. However, skating rinks will not be opening because The Swedish Public Health Agency thinks that they would be too crowded.

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It is true that every year people flock to the city’s skating rinks from further afield. So, for the time being, Stockholmer’s will have to make do with just the ski trails. Here are a few trails that are expecting to re-open in the next few days, according to SVT:


  • Ågesta – expected to re-open in 4-5 days
  • Gärdets sportfält
  • Spånga IP
  • Lövsta motionsspår
  • Hellas motionsområde

Some will use natural snow and others will use artificially produced snow. However, Stockholms stadion will not open because the authorities worry that it could get too crowded and that this could inhibit social distancing.

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