June 2021 Was The Hottest Ever Been Recorded In Stockholm

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

June 2021 Was The Hottest Ever Been Recorded In Stockholm

19.3°C might not sound high, but it’s part of a pattern.

Scandinavians have seen some of the hottest June temperatures on record this year, with Sweden, Finland, and Norway all recording record-breaking temperatures, or temperatures close to record-breaking. In Sweden, it’s been the third hottest June on record, and in Stockholm in particular it’s been the hottest June on record.

On average, Stockholm saw daily temperatures of 19.3°C, and whilst that may not sound too hot if you’re from further South than Scandinavia, it points to a significant shift in our climate. Stockholm has been recording temperatures for an impressive length of time – since 1756 – and the average temperature for June is around 15.6°C degrees.


This increase in temperature is part of a pattern. For the last 3 years, Stockholm has recorded temperatures rising. In 2019 the average was 18.4°C in June. This rose to 18.5°C in 2020 and has since increased by 0.8°C. The hottest day was June 20, measuring  23.5 degrees°C. You can read all of the data recorded for Stockholm on the SMHI website.

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