Here’s An Outline Of Stockholm’s New Covid-19 Guidelines

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Here’s An Outline Of Stockholm’s New Covid-19 Guidelines

As of October 29, the Swedish government has adjusted its advice on personal activity in Västra Götaland, Östergötland, and Stockholm.

What do these new restrictions mean for ordinary residents of Stockholm? Well, in the summer we were given advice on what was needed to reduce Covid-19 transmission and that advice has now become more stringent to try and stem transmission again.

Residents of Stockholm have been advised not to hold or attend parties and to avoid any un-essential activities. This means that the government is advising against leaving the house for the following reasons: visiting a museum, the gym, swimming pools, shops that don’t sell food, and libraries. However, the government is asking people to do this, rather than legislating that people must do this.

Participating in and attending sporting events and performances of any kind is also discouraged. This advice does not, however, apply to people born before 2005. Socialising with people outside of your household in any setting is also discouraged, especially if either yourself or the person that you are meeting have Covid-19 symptoms or have been around somebody who has symptoms.


The maximum amount of people allowed in each audience or at each event is currently limited to 50 and this will remain the same. Workplaces are being asked and encouraged to facilitate all of this advice. These new guidelines are still far from stringent when compared to lots of other countries in Europe but it is certainly a very significant change for Sweden.

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