The Curious Scandinavian Craze Of Competitive Hobby Horse Riding

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

The Curious Scandinavian Craze Of Competitive Hobby Horse Riding

This sport has proved popular with Swedes in the past few years.

A hobbyhorse is essentially a stuffed-toy horse’s head on a stick, and kids have been playing with them for a long time. However, until recently a hobbyhorse tournament would just entailed running around the garden with your siblings. Well, not anymore! Now there are over 10,000 hobby horse tournament competitors in Finland alone and about 5,000 in Sweden. [Photo: @keppihevostensm on Facebook]

Most of the competitors are between the ages of 12 and 18, and the majority are girls but some boys also compete. Every year thousands of teenagers flock to Helsinki for the Hobby Horse Championships and it’s no joke to the competitors. The whole event is taken very seriously, with several rounds to compete in, including showjumping and dressage.


The kids train hard to become the best, and jumping over hurdles with a hobby horse is actually more skillful than one might think. Not even Covid-19 can stop these hobby horse enthusiasts, as the Hobby Horse Championships are still taking place this year. Perhaps the sport will continue to grow. After all, who didn’t love running around on a hobby horse when they were young?

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