A Scenic Hotel On A Remote Swedish Island Has Just Opened • Pater Noster Lighthouse

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

A Scenic Hotel On A Remote Swedish Island Has Just Opened • Pater Noster Lighthouse

On an island named Hamneskär off the West coast of Sweden sits the perfect place to lose yourself – Pater Noster Lighthouse hotel.

There are only two ways to reach the remote Pater Noster Lighthouse on the island of Hamneskär – by helicopter or by boat. Since 1868 the striking light-house on the island has warned seafarers of the rocks, secluded and surrounded by crashing waves. As the island is so remote, a house was built on the rocks for the lighthouse keeper to live in and now that house has become a magnificent hotel.

There’s a certain maritime feel to the hotel, which has just this year been converted and renovated. It may be rustic but it has all of the home comforts of a Stockholm city stay. Although you may be staying on a remote island, you certainly won’t feel like a castaway, with high-end decor wherever you look.

Boats from Gotherburg and Marstrand will take you to Hamneskär, where you can enjoy a variety of activities or simply sit back and enjoy the sea view. On offer are deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, with a chance to cook your catch at a brilliant onsite cooking class.


If you’d rather eat than cook, you can enjoy amazing meals at the restaurant and cafe, with ingredients harvested and caught around the island. Meditation sessions are popular here and there are other ways to relax too – how about a dip in the seawater hot tub? You can even sleep outside, under the stars if you so wish.