Night Trains From Stockholm To Hamburg Are Coming Soon

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Night Trains From Stockholm To Hamburg Are Coming Soon

Perfect for a weekend away.

Prepare to be whisked from Stockholm to Hamburg any time soon on one of the amazing new trains coming to our city in the latter half of 2022! Hopefully, the new train will run 244 days a year, which means that you could be there and back in a heartbeat, more or less whenever you’d like.

They’re set to have seated carriages alongside carriages where you can lie down and relax whilst you travel. We predict that those carriages with beds will be very popular, because the train will pick passengers up in Stockholm in the late afternoon, dropping them off in Hamburg at about 6 in the morning. So, you can settle down, watch a film, go to sleep, and literally wake up at your destination.


Photo: Unsplash

Travelling by train seems to be gaining popularity recently, whether that’s because of the harm flying does to the environment or the extra bureaucracy at airports during the pandemic. Either way, new train routes are popping up across Europe, and this particular train is the brainchild of DBS, RDC and SJ combined. You can read the press release in full here (in Swedish only), and we’ve started dreaming about a Hamburg holiday already!

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