Stockholm’s Gröna Lund Theme Park Will Reopen This Spring

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Stockholm’s Gröna Lund Theme Park Will Reopen This Spring

The CEO says it’s a sure thing.

Since 1883 Gröna Lund has been entertaining and thrilling visitors until the pandemic caused uncertainty across all of society. However, thanks to the new pandemic laws which give the government the right to enforce restrictions to control the pandemic, the theme park will be able to open this Spring. [Photos: Gröna Lund]

Speaking to Mitti, the CEO for Gröna Lund, Magus Widell, said that they are ‘one hundred percent certain’ that the park will be able to open. However, they don’t yet know what restrictions we could see by the Spring, so things could be very different from your last Gröna Lund adventure.

The new ‘Monster’ ride. Credit: Gröna Lund

For example, there will be a maximum capacity of people allowed into the park. Plus, visitors will have to buy tickets in advance so that the park can be sure not to exceed that capacity. The park will have to adapt to the new restrictions but they are willing to rise to that challenge. One interesting adaptation is the possibility of queueing digitally for different rides.


Their new ‘Monster’ ride will premiere on April 24, 2021 and it looks amazing. Plus, they have started recruiting 1,500 people, which will bring a great boost to the area. You can read more about it on the park’s website.

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