You Can Bowl, Golf, Race And Much More At This Stockholm Restaurant • Ballbreaker

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

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When wintertime rolls into Stockholm there’s not much point in trying to entertain friends outside, and going to the same restaurant or bar over and over can get a little boring. So we’re always looking for new things to do with friends that are a bit more entertaining, unusual and keep us toasty at the same time.

Ballbreaker offers all of that, with tons of activities to keep the good times coming. Here you can play a number of games whilst also enjoying some delicious food. It’s not the greasy hotdog kind of food that you’d usually get at a bowling alley, here they serve proper restaurant food with the kind of quality that will bring you back again and again.

You can eat lunch here, opt for a 3-course meal or choose from the bar menu, which includes burgers (meaty and vegetarian), nachos, and plenty of tasty cocktails to wash it all down with. The a la carte menu is more refined, featuring delicious dishes such as the smoked wagyu beef, the vegan chanterelle risotto, and my favourite dessert in the world, creme brulee.

So what are the activities?

There’s such a wide variety of activities here that you won’t know which to choose first. The classic pub games are there, such as darts (with proper, professional equipment, not those electronic boards) and billiards. Then there’s bowling, which always makes for a good evening spent with friends, and even a golf simulator.


But wait, that’s not all! On top of all those activities, there’s also the more unusual bilbana, which is a mini race track with tiny racing cars that you can control. If you’d rather sit in the seat and race on a simulator then you can do that too, alongside simulated hunting and even virtual reality headsets with a selection of games, including one that lets you become a Jedi!

If shuffleboard’s your thing then you won’t be disappointed because there’s a 22ft board here just waiting for you to come and play on it, too. It’s the perfect place for a date with your mates, and you can find it at Lindhagensgatan 114, 112 51. Check out the website to read more about Ballbreaker, see a price list, and book your spot.

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